Sulcotrione 98%TC, 26%SC, 15%SL

Sulcotrione 98%TC, 26%SC, 15%SL

磺草酮 Sulcotrione 98%TC, 26%SC, 15%SL 99105-77-8



Sulcotrione 98%TC, 26%SC, 15%SL




herbicide. Light brown solid. Melting point 139 ℃. 165mg / L dissolved in water at 25 ℃, soluble in acetone and chlorobenzene. The acute toxicity of oral, percutaneous and inhalation to mammals is very low and safe. Wetting agent can be added to form glue suspension. Control broad-leaved and gramineous weeds in corn field with the dosage of 300 ~ 400g / ha.



CAS NO.: 99105-77-8 通用名:磺草酮 化学名:2-(2-氯-4-甲磺酰苯甲酰)环已烷-1,3-二酮; 2-(2-chior-4-mesylbenzoyl)cyclohezanbe-1,3-dione 分子式:C14H13SO5Cl 分子量:328.8

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CAS No.: 99105-77-8 common name: sulfodone chemical name: 2 – (2-chloro-4-methylsulfonyl benzoyl) cyclohexane-1,3-dione; 2 – (2-chior-4-mesylbenzoyl) cyclohezanbe-1,3-dione molecular formula: c14h13so5cl molecular weight: 328.8



别名 2-(2-Chloro-4-(methylsulfonyl)benzoyl)-1,3-cyclohexanedione; ICIA0051; SC0051

产品名称 磺草酮;2-(2-氯-4-甲砜基)苯甲酰基-1,3-环己二酮

CAS 登录号 99105-77-8

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Alias 2 – (2-Chloro-4 – (methylsulfonyl) benzoyl) – 1,3-cyclohexanedione; ICIA0051; SC0051


Product Name: Sulfuron; 2 – (2-chloro-4-methylsulfonyl) benzoyl-1,3-cyclohexanedione


CAS accession No. 99105-77-8




Physical and chemical properties


The technical drug is brown gray solid, melting point 139 ℃, vapor pressure < 5332.8npa (25 ℃). The solubility in water at 25 ℃ is 165mg / L, soluble in acetone and chlorobenzene. It is stable in water, sunlight or away from light, and the heat resistance is up to 80 ℃. Dt5015 days in fertile sandy soil and dt507 days in fine fertile soil.




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It is suitable for broad-leaved weeds and some monocotyledonous weeds, such as quinoa, eggplant, Solanum nigrum, Polygonum, Rumex leaf Polygonum, horse Tang, blood root grass, Ceylon barnyardgrass and wild millet. After bud application, the dosage (effective component) of 300 ~ 450 g / HA can control broad-leaved weeds and gramineous weeds. High dose (active ingredient) of 900g / HA is also safe for maize, but in case of drought and low-lying ponding, maize leaves will have temporary decolorization symptoms and have no effect on the weight of maize growth. Under normal rotation conditions, it is safe for winter wheat, barley, winter rape, potato, sugar beet and pea. It can be used alone, mixed or continuously to control corn weeds.




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The original drug or preparation has very low oral, percutaneous or inhalation acute toxicity to mammals, low skin absorption, and is very safe for users. The compound has no irritating effect on the skin, slight irritating effect on the eyes and no allergy to the skin. The in vivo test showed that the product was not teratogenic to rats and rabbits. No residue was found in corn or green feed crops 50 ~ 140 days after application. Low toxicity to birds, wild ducks, diphtheria quails and other wild animals; It has low toxicity to carp and is safe to Daphnia and bees. At high dose, there was no harmful effect on soil microorganisms